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Diversity in the Workplace

Not just a goal, but an accomplishment.

Our Practice

Lite DePalma Greenberg & Afanador, LLC devotes itself exclusively to representing clients in litigation and litigation related internal investigations.  The firm concentrates on commercial and complex litigation including employment and labor litigation, internal investigations, condemnation and redevelopment law, zoning, land use and other real estate litigation, white collar criminal defense, police related state and federal civil rights defense, and other trial and appellate work. Lite DePalma Greenberg & Afanador has extensive experience in the state and federal court systems of New Jersey, as well as other federal courts throughout the country.

Inclusiveness: Our Tradition

Lite DePalma Greenberg Afanador has a long-standing tradition of recruitment, retention and advancement of women and minority attorneys. While other law firms have recently begun to advertise a commitment to creating diversity in the workplace, Lite DePalma Greenberg & Afanador has traditionally offered an inclusive workplace.  Lite DePalma Greenberg &  Afanador did not attain its diverse team of partners, associates and staff as a result of a contemporary mission to create diverse workplaces.  Long before globalization became a reality and multiculturalism became the trend, Lite DePalma Greenberg & Afanador's commitment to diversity in the workplace and the Newark community was an inherent aspect of our business.  Having elected its first minority attorney to the partnership over a decade ago, Lite DePalma Greenberg & Afanador has continually maintained a team of partners, associates and staff that is representative of various multicultural backgrounds and staunchly committed to the Newark, New Jersey community. 

Lite DePalma Greenberg Afanador boasts a team comprised of 55% women and/or minority attorneys. At the partnership level, women and/or minority attorneys represent 50% of the partners of the firm.

Progression:  Our Dedication to the Recruitment and Advancement of Women and Minority Attorneys

Lite DePalma Greenberg & Afanador recognizes that the breadth of talent offered by women and minority attorneys helps our firm to offer creative and effective solutions to clients.  Accordingly, we are committed to staffing cases with a diverse team of seasoned attorneys that are capable of tending to the needs of our clients in today's increasingly diverse global economy.  To that end, Lite DePalma Greenberg & Afanador actively recruits women and minority attorneys and regularly staffs its summer associate positions with law students participating in the Rutgers Minority Student Program.

Lite DePalma Greenberg Afanador is also committed to the professional growth of our women and minority attorneys.  In fact, a former named minority partner now sits as a Judge of the Superior Court of New Jersey in Middlesex County.  Lite DePalma Greenberg & Afanador is immensely proud to have been part of that journey and has witnessed firsthand how this type of trail blazing motivates and inspires our young associates:

Also, many of our attorneys hold, or have previously held, leadership positions in various organizations:

Following its long-standing commitment to the professional development of women and minority attorneys, Lite DePalma Greenberg & Afanador continues to promote leadership and growth by providing our young associates with the support, experience, continuing education and networking opportunities necessary for business and professional development.

Community and Leadership: Our Devotion to the Development of the Newark Community and Minority/ Socioeconomically Disadvantaged Groups

Founded in 1978, our law firm began its practice in Newark and has remained a Newark resident at all times.  As a proud resident of Newark, Lite DePalma Greenberg & Afanador supports its local charitable, educational, cultural and pro bono legal institutions:

Lite DePalma Greenberg & Afanador is also heavily involved with Newark’s educational institutions. Since 2002, the firm has maintained a summer hiring program to employ minority students from University High School on a part-time basis in order to provide inner city students with valuable exposure to a law practice.  Lite DePalma Greenberg & Afanador also supports Newark's law schools by supporting Seton Hall and Rutgers-Newark, financially and otherwise.  Our attorneys are deeply committed to both schools and regularly volunteer their time in alumni, moot court and other programs: 

In the cultural arena, Lite DePalma Greenberg & Afanador was a Founding Sponsor of the New Jersey Performing Arts Center in Newark and a consistent financial supporter of NJPAC since its inception ten years ago:

Lite DePalma Greenberg & Afanador and its attorneys have also dedicated their time and support to many other minority and socioeconomically disadvantaged groups. 

Among the pro bono legal institutions that Lite DePalma Greenberg & Afanador has actively assisted are Consumers League of New Jersey and the Center for Auto Safety in Washington, DC.  The firm successfully represented both organizations as amicus curiae in cases in the Supreme Court of New Jersey. Susana Cruz Hodge is the first attorney in New Jersey to handle pro bono appeals in the New Jersey Appellate Division’s Pro Bono Civil Pilot Program.

Lite DePalma Greenberg &  Afanador's attorneys are dedicated to not only the City of Newark, but also various minority and socioeconomically disadvantaged organizations.  The devotion to giving back to underprivileged communities and minority organizations is an integral part of Lite DePalma Greenberg & Afanador's professional development.  Lite DePalma Greenberg &  Afanador takes pride in its tradition and strives to uphold our commitment to inclusiveness and community service.

Loyalty: Our Commitment to Family and Personal Relationships

Lite DePalma Greenberg & Afanador has long-realized that promoting healthy family and personal relationships is a key component to building a successful and cohesive practice.  Mindful of the increase in dual income families, Lite DePalma Greenberg & Afanador strives to create an environment that is respectful of family obligations.  Lite DePalma Greenberg & Afanador endeavors to facilitate flexible work arrangements by offering a fair family leave policy, flex-time, and telecommuting. 

Diversity Initiative:  Our Continued Effort to Build a Diverse Practice and Client Base

Lite DePalma Greenberg & Afanador is committed to maintaining our diverse and inclusive workplace, as well as promoting diversity through representation.  We understand that diversity brings strength and with it, a depth and breadth of talented attorneys who can better understand client needs.  Should you require additional information about how we can serve your interests please contact:

Joseph J. DePalma, Managing Member of the Firm
Victor A. Afanador, Member of the Firm and Diversity Chair
Lite DePalma Greenberg & Afanador, LLC
570 Broad Street, Suite 1201
Newark, New Jersey 07102