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Consumer Fraud


Today, consumer affairs warns us of businesses with fraudulent business practices, but consumer fraud has been a problem ever since ancient times.

The Bible and the Code of Hammurabi condemn fraud in commerce. As we have moved into the electronic age, perpetrators of consumer fraud have become more and more devious and inventive, growing the need for watchdog organizations like consume affairs.

Lite DePalma Greenberg Afanador's consumer fraud attorneys have the experience and sophistication to deal with all types of consumer affairs & fraud. 

The firm’s consumer affairs & fraud attorneys have helped recover billions of dollars for victimized consumers. Lite DePalma Greenberg Afanador's cases have been brought under state consumer fraud statutes, such as the New Jersey Consumer Fraud Act and the Illinois Consumer Fraud Act, as well as under federal statutes such as the Telephone Consumer Protection Act, the Magnuson-Moss Warranty Act, and many others. The firm’s consumer fraud attorneys are creative and resourceful in using these statutes to the advantage of our clients.

Consumer Fraud Attorneys Who Get Results

Lite DePalma Greenberg Afanador's consumer affairs & fraud attorneys have been at the forefront of insurance sales practices litigation. They have won multi-million settlements against the nation’s largest insurance companies, including Prudential, Metropolitan Life, Massachusetts Mutual, and other companies, for wrongful practices such as “vanishing premium” scams. 

The firm has also been very active in consumer affairs & fraud cases involving the sale of products. The consumer fraud attorneys at Lite DePalma Greenberg Afanador have handled important cases against sellers of products such as DVD players, televisions, vacuums, windows, shingles, automobiles, gasoline, and many other consumer products. The firm has achieved many valuable settlements, worth many millions of dollars, which compensated consumers all over the country for amounts lost as a result of consumer fraud.

Lite DePalma Greenberg Afanador's consumer fraud attorneys handle cases in state and federal trial level and appellate courts all over the country. The firm has litigated consumer affairs & fraud cases in California, Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Illinois, and other states. A number of those cases have resulted in landmark decisions that broke new ground in consumer protection law for the benefit of consumers. Wherever there is consumer fraud, Lite DePalma Greenberg Afanador can combat it.

The consumer fraud attorneys at Lite DePalma Greenberg Afanador are skilled in the kind of complex commercial litigation that consumer fraud lawsuits have become. Besides serving as counsel for classes of individual consumers and small business who have been the victims of consumer fraud, the firm has represented consumer affairs organizations such as the Center for Auto Safety and the Consumers League of New Jersey, who have recognized the pre-eminence of Lite DePalma Greenberg Afanador's consumer fraud attorneys. The firm’s attorneys regularly write articles and teach about consumer fraud, for both lawyers and non-lawyers, demonstrating the expertise that Lite DePalma Greenberg Afanador has in this area.

Successful lawsuits against consumer fraud help deter future wrongful conduct while compensating those who have been wronged. Lite DePalma Greenberg Afanador's consumer fraud attorneys are proud of their track record in advancing the law for consumers and achieving valuable benefits for those whom we represent. Contact us at (973) 623-3000 to see how we can help you get compensation for consumer fraud.

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