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Experienced Product Liability Attorneys:

These days, there are many amazing products available. But too often those products are defectively designed or manufactured, or do not work as advertised. As a result, people or companies who buy them find that those products are not worth what was paid for them. Lite DePalma Greenberg’s product liability attorneys specialize in helping purchasers of defective products recover monies they have paid for those products.

The firm’s product liability attorneys have experience with many different types of products. Our cases have involved defective windows, siding shingles, plumbing pipes and tubing, deck resurfacing products, in-floor heating systems, vacuums, and many other kinds of products. Other cases have involved heart-rate monitoring technology, flexible hoses, pet foods, and cellphone batteries. Lite DePalma Greenberg’s product liability attorneys learn the ins and outs of the product at issue and work with experts in each field to put together a persuasive case that the products are defectively designed or manufactured. The firm has cases pending all over the United States, including in New Jersey, Illinois, Wisconsin, Tennessee, and elsewhere.

Lite DePalma Greenberg’s product liability attorneys are leaders in the field. In many instances, many law firms file claims involving the same product, and a number of those firms seek to be appointed to lead the case on behalf of an entire class. We have been in appointed as lead or co-lead counsel, or a member of an executive committee, in a number of cases, evidencing the recognition by judges and other counsel of the firm’s skills and experience. Some of those cases have involved plumbing piping and tubing, toilet components, vacuums, fitness machine components, automobile transmissions, and other products. 

The firm’s product liability attorneys have achieved tremendous successes. In a case involving in-floor heating systems, the firm was part of a team that achieved a settlement worth over $300 million. Cases involving defective televisions and DVD players also resulted in millions of dollars in recoveries for purchasers of those products. 

Lite DePalma Greenberg’s product liability attorneys fight hard for our clients, and overcome the resistance of companies who often, at first, claim that there is nothing wrong with their products. We are skilled at marshaling the facts and using the law, including both the substantive law and legal procedure, to achieve successful results. When cases implicate not only courts but federal or state administrative agencies, the firm’s product liability attorneys are ready to deal with those agencies as well. 

Whatever defendants throw at Lite DePalma Greenberg’s product liability attorneys, we are ready to meet the challenge. Contact us to see how we can help you.

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